Nearly 10 years ago, a pro Personal Trainer friend of mine once told me the 3 most USEFUL FAT BURNING TRICKS I’ve ever heard to this day…

1. If you want to burn MORE FAT through exercising, always wait at least 2 HOURS after eating to do any sort of fat-burning exercise. This helps burn the most calories because your stomach/body has LESS food in it and therefore your body will use more FAT STORAGE as FUEL to get through the exercise – resulting in more fat burning/loss.

2. After exercising, DON’T EAT ANYTHING for AT LEAST 30 MINUTES – this allows the body to be starved of ‘fresh’ fuel during first half-hour of exercise recovery, and will therefore use your body’s FAT RESERVES to recover and refuel itself from the exercise. If you don’t feed your body food during these 30 minutes, the body finds its own way to feed and refuel from your already existing FAT RESERVES.

3. Walking/power walking for 1 mile WILL NEVER BURN THE SAME AMOUNT OF FAT as JOGGING/RUNNING for 1 mile – despite what many doctors/experts will tell you. CARDIO exercise is by FAR the most effective way of BURNING FAT. PERIOD.

I have always followed these simple 3 TIPS to gain CARDIO fitness and maintain/control my FAT/WEIGHT gains. I hope they can help you too… 🙂

Posted 15 July 2018 by Trev



When I was in my final year of high school a sports celebrity spoke at my school. He told us a story of how he got the BEST out of his players. One particular player had not been performing to his usual high standards and therefore this coach had to intervene.

This player was aware of his declining performances, and to try to combat it, the player was focusing a lot more on training and practising to hopefully lift his standard – but it wasn’t working – he was continuing to struggle to perform well.

This coach spoke to him and found out that this struggling player had started to focus almost ALL of his life attention and focus on just playing football – while neglecting his personal life, and all other life pursuits and hobbies. This coach told him to find a new BALANCE between his football, personal life and all the other life activities that he had always previously enjoyed. And after just a few weeks guess what happened…

This new found BALANCE in the players life enabled him to play at an even higher standard than he had ever played before. By seasons end, he would rise to be one of the best and most important players in the team – the team that ended up dominating the whole league and clenching the season Premiership.

Life achievements and happiness are most easily obtained when your life is in BALANCE – similar to a diet from all of the 5 major food groups to obtain a healthy food intake. If you can find a true BALANCE in your life, you will probably achieve many more things and find greater happiness.

This was my best and most valuable day of schooling I ever had 🙂

Posted 17 July 2018 by Trev